Lustrewear is a curated selection of 60s & 70s vintage clothing for pool, patio, and party. We specialize in one-of-a-kind Hawaiian, Psychedelic, and Mod statement pieced that will be sure to turn heads!

If you love floral, psychedelic, Hawaiian, mod, geometric, and novelty prints - you have come to the right place!

All clothing we sell is vintage, and most pieces are 50-60+ years old! First, we look for garments that are in very good to excellent condition, passing on many pieces others would sell. Once condition is squared away, we look for bright and bold prints with color for days!

We put in the extra work, so you won’t have to.

Buying vintage clothing with us is stress free because it's ready to wear.  wear. No need to spend time sewing, cleaning, or dealing with musty smells - leave that to us! The only thing you’ll have to do is decide when to wear it! 

Our vintage clothing is meticulously inspected, carefully measured, and photographed from various angles so there won’t be any surprises.

We are honest about condition and note any imperfections - even small ones most people wouldn’t notice! Let's face it - no one want's to get something that doesn't look as pictured, and you can trust we won't do that to you.

If needed, we handle minor repairs in house, while more complex repairs are handed by professionals. Our garments are washed by hand, air dried in Palm Springs, CA, and hand steamed. We carefully package each order, to ensure safe travel while en route to its destination – your closet!

Lustrewear was started in 2019 by Melaina Tracy in Palm Springs, CA.

From a young age Melaina was drawn to fashion, design, and color. Never wanting to show up in the same outfit as anyone else, vintage clothing became a go-to staple in her wardrobe. She’s constantly on the hunt and loves searching for vintage clothing at estate sales thrift stores, flea markets, and everyplace in between. Having collected vintage clothing for over 25 years, she wanted to share her love of vintage with the rest of world. Founded on her love of bright colors and bold patterns, her pieces were initially showcased at California Lustre’s tiny pink store (now closed), pop-ups, and vintage markets. Bringing Lustrewear online was the natural next step, and in Fall 2021 she launched the  website, allowing customers the ability to shop whenever or wherever they like!